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500+ Pages of Expert Analysis
Updated Weekly


Explore our detailed analysis of U.S. 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates since 1971, offering valuable insights into mortgage trends and the health of the mortgage market.


Gain deep insights into residential listings, including market fluctuations, pending activity, and inventory dynamics, for a comprehensive understanding of real estate.


Activity Index City

This document delivers an all-encompassing 90-day analysis of real estate trends, encompassing price points and sales figures, across 30 distinct cities within the Austin, Texas region.


Activity Index Neighborhood

Dive into a thorough 90-day exploration of real estate movements, inclusive of pricing and sales figures, spanning 75 unique zip codes in the Austin, Texas region.


Activity Index ZIP Code

Explore an extensive 90-day report that delves into the realm of real estate, encompassing pricing trends and sales statistics, across 100 vibrant neighborhoods in the Austin, Texas vicinity.



Explore a comprehensive analysis comparing renting versus buying affordability. Examine housing costs, mortgage rates, and rental prices to make informed decisions for your financial path.


Appreciation Year Over Year City

Discover a comprehensive analysis within this document, unveiling year-over-year property appreciation in 30 vibrant cities near Austin, Texas. Delve into average sold prices and percentage differences for valuable insights.


Appreciation Year Over Year ZIP Code

Uncover a comprehensive analysis within this document, providing insights into year-over-year property appreciation across 75 diverse zip codes in the Austin, Texas area. Explore average sold prices and percentage differences for a complete understanding.


Building Permits

Explore the latest trends in Austin's construction industry with our comprehensive 'Building Permits' page, providing valuable insights into new constructions across the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA.


Market Cycle

Stay informed with our 'Market Cycle' page, offering the latest trends, statistics, and expert insights into Austin's real estate market, empowering strategic decision-making at every phase.


MBA Purchase Index

Explore the MBA Purchase Index, a weekly report capturing 75% of U.S. mortgage activity, providing a crucial snapshot of mortgage market performance and homebuyer demand.


National Market Index

Track the true appreciation of the national housing market with the National Market Index. It adjusts the Home Price Index for inflation, providing insights into the selling price of single-family homes across 20 metropolitan areas since 1900


New Construction Inventory

Discover the top 30 builders in Central Texas and their available inventory based on price range, along with a city-wise breakdown of active residential listings in the new construction market.


New Listing to Pending Ratio

Track the New Listing to Pending Ratio, a key indicator of inventory changes in the housing market, with our weekly residential updates, providing insights into market dynamics.


Price Distribution

This report provides a detailed analysis of the sold price distribution in the top 30 cities and 75 zip codes in Central Texas.


Renting vs Buying Analysis

This analysis compares mortgage payments (PITI) on a median priced home to median rents in 30 cities and 75 zip codes in Austin.


Residential Inventory

The residential inventory in Austin MLS and the City of Austin includes the number of active listings, pending listings, average and median days to sell, new listings, sales, months of inventory, withdrawn listings, and expired listings.


Residential Price

The residential price in Austin MLS and the City of Austin is determined by the average and median list price, average and median sold price, and average and median sold price per square foot.


Sold Price to List Price Ratio

Explore the Sold Price to List Price Ratio report, providing comprehensive data and insights on Austin's real estate market. Analyze trends, graphs, and property sales information for the top 30 cities and 75 zip codes.


Type of Market Top 30 Cities

Discover in-depth insights on the real estate market in 30 Central Texas cities. Navigate property sales with valuable information on active listings, market status, prices, days on the market, and inventory. Gain a deeper understanding of each city's market health.


Type of Market Top 75 ZIP Codes

Discover Central Texas real estate insights: 75 zip codes analyzed. Active listings, market conditions, prices, days on market, inventory. Strategic decisions based on precise market health data.


Value Monitor City

Stay updated on Austin-area real estate with Team Price's Top 30 Cities Value Monitor. Track monthly property value changes and gain insights into the current market conditions


Value Monitor ZIP Code

Stay informed about the Austin real estate market with Team Price's Top 75 Zip Codes Value Monitor. Track monthly property value changes and discover the hottest zip codes in the area.


Cap Rate

Gain valuable insights with our Cap Rate report. Track property value changes, expenses, and rental rates across multiple months, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.


In-depth analysis of Sales Density, offering insights into properties sold per 100,000 population and per 1,000 realtors, to uncover market trends, sales distribution, and the interplay between population density and realtor activity. 


Federal Reserve Economic Data, is a comprehensive online repository that houses hundreds of thousands of economic time series data. We've curated a list of the top 25 data sets that are particularly valuable for real estate agents and brokers.

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